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How long is the warranty period of sports bra for gym ?
A warranty provided by Cixi Onetex Company Ltd. deals with product defects in materials and workmanship from the original date of purchase from our factory. Its coverage can last up to several years, although the length of the coverage varies from product to product. So for how long we will be held accountable for a specific product, please contact Customer Service. For those products that are intended to last a long time, we usually consider offering longer warranty periods, provided that the quality of these products should be improved and the failure rate is controlled during the specified time.

Onetex is a reliable manufacturer offering the right legging pants for a wide range of applications around the world. Onetex's sport shirt series include multiple types. The designing for ONETEX mens sport sweatshirt is methodical. It not only takes into consideration shape, but colour, pattern, and texture as well. It is suitable for running, jogging, cycling or any other type of exercise. This product has a perfect cushioning effect. It will not tend to crack or break under repeated impacts from the foot and ground. It is light enough to keep from hindering movement.

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