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Womens Sports Bra

A proper sports bra should provide full support and protection, with minimal breast sway. A Good Sports Bra should have the following characteristics:


1.Protectiveness. Sports Bras Limit Breast Movement in all directions, not simply by wrapping the breasts roughly. During exercise, the relative displacement of the breasts and breasts is greatly reduced under the protection of the Sports Bra to prevent the breasts from being overstretched and damaged during severe shaking.

2.Comfort. Material should not be pure cotton, should be the use of sweat breathable quick-dry fabric, technology on the Sports Bra seams should be flat.

3.FIT for exercise. The shoulder straps should fit snugly and not slip and rub against the skin during exercise. There should be no restraint when wearing a sports bra, especially when it affects the movement of the shoulders and arms. The shoulder strap of General Motion Brassiere is thicker, because too thin shoulder strap is in when intense run easy make shoulder to strangle mark.

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