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Womens Leggings

Womens leggings is a garment worn during yoga practice. Choose Yoga clothing must be comfortable, natural, functional-based, in addition to have a better breathability. Womens  leggings is made of Nylon.

Why choose nylon as the womens leggings’ material

1. Nylon fabric wear resistance of all kinds of fabrics in the first, than the same product other fiber fabric many times, so its durability is excellent.

2. The hygroscopicity of nylon fabric is better than that of synthetic fabric, so the clothing made of nylon is more comfortable than that made of polyester.

3. Polyamide fabric is light weight fabric, only in synthetic fiber fabric after polypropylene, acrylic fabric, therefore, suitable for making yoga wear , leggings ect.

4. Nylon fabric has excellent elasticity and elastic recovery.

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