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Is there any third party doing tight workout leggings quality test?
Although we implement the QC process in-house, we believe that the third party product testing is crucial in that it provides unbiased information, making our customers rest assured to buy from us. And with a third party reviewing our products, we can find out anything that may have been missed. So that we can make some improvements and have peace of mind knowing that our products are safe to sell to the public. At Cixi Onetex Company Ltd., third party testing is one of the most important means of ensuring the delivery of safe and high-quality products to customers.

Onetex has always been focusing on the professional production of best sports jackets for many years. Now, we have taken the lead in this industry in China. Onetex's legging pants series include multiple types. There are many factors influence the design of ONETEX mens sport wear. They are size, weight, required motion, labor required, speed of operation, etc. Its fabric is biodegradable, making it an environment-friendly choice. The product features good shock absorption. It has a special structural design which offers a buffering function to the feet. It provides amazing protection from UV rays when the wearer indulges in outdoor sports.

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