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What are main products for Onetex to export?
Headquartered in China, Cixi Onetex Company Ltd. is sure to develop products to first meet the demand of Chinese people. As China is getting better and better connection with the world, we are increasingly aware of the importance of foreign markets. This encourages us to develop products for exports. Regarding the products for foreign clients, their indicators should be in line with the foreign instructions and even certain regional requirements. Additionally, they should meet the standards which are set by different countries and regions. All this requires Onetex to make large input into the products, as well the distribution channels. Currently, we are still busy exploring the international market. We hope to have our sportswear leggings well received worldwide.

Onetex has been regarded as a professional manufacturer among many competitors. We have been focusing on the production of mens sport sweatshirt. Onetex's legging pants series include multiple types. The design of ONETEX mens sport wear is professional and complicated. It covers several major steps that are carried out by exceptional designers, including sketch drawings, three-dimensional perspective drawing, mold making, and identification of whether the product fitting the space or not. It provides amazing protection from UV rays when the wearer indulges in outdoor sports. This kind of material is often a good choice for everyday footwear because of all these features. - Said one of our customers. It has been exported to Europe, North America, Japan, Russia, Australia, etc.

By leading the ladies sportswear market now, ONETEX will provide better and more professional service for customers. Get more info!
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