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Who to pay the freight of buy running leggings sample?
The freight of buy running leggings sample is typically paid by customers. Please understand that we receive a large number of sample orders per day. It will cost us large money to run samples, pack it, and ship it. The cost of delivery usually depends on the weight and size of the packaged item. If you have no urgent requirements on the delivery date, using EMS may be the cheapest option. But different shipping companies companies offer different shipping options - some are more expensive than others - depending on the target date you receive the product samples.

Cixi Onetex Company Ltd., known as a highly responsible enterprise, is taking effort to promote itself to a higher degree in the manufacturing of latest hoodies for mens. Onetex's sportswear company series include multiple types. This product is not easy to get pilling. It is made of smooth fabrics that can reduce friction and wear during wearing. It does not change shape even after being washed many times. It allows the shoe to breathe, avoiding producing a proliferation of bacteria and fungi and bad odor. By choosing this material the wearer will get rid of smelly feet. It can be easily paired with other clothing.

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